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One of Tikva Market’s greatest assets are its donors and volunteers, without whom nothing would be possible.
They have a common denominator - their desire to assist others.

Robert, 51 years – Company manager

"One day I received a call at my office, asking me if I would like to help Tikva Market. Being familiar with their accomplishments, I accepted straight away. For two years I have dedicated three hours a week of my time to deliver food packages to people who are home-bound."

Leah, 38 years – Storekeeper

"My husband and I own a souvenir shop. Running the business keeps us very busy and does not allow us to volunteer.

We therefore decided to sponsor a family, financing their basic food expenses through Tikva Market.

Thanks to the resulting relationship between us, we follow the development of the family, and this is a source of great satisfaction for my entire family."

Ruth, 34 years – Guide at the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem

"I have been involved in many organizations, but I must admit that this is the first time I feel really needed.

Three times a week I go to the Tikva Market office in order to call Jews in France and ask them for donations.

I, who normally wouldn’t dare asking anyone for anything, do it now with pride for the Supermarkets of Hope – Tikva Market. Here, each donation is translated into food and given directly to a needy family."

Dan, 31 years – retraining course

"I work at the Jerusalem Tikva Market within the framework of Keren Ohr Letzion’s social integration project. Despite my limitations, I go every afternoon to help organize the shelves and put prices on the incoming products.

The work is rather a physical one for me, but the fact that I am helping all these people is what gives me the strength to return to the store the following day."